Problem with websites cleanup

This topic explains how to resolve the issue with one-click automatic cleanup in 2.0-x version.

Issue description

When administrator of server purchased the license and tries to cleanup malware within 24 hours since the purchase it gets “Failed to remove malware…”.

Root cause

Background process is restarted every 24 hours and updates the license information on restart. So until restart it will keep old license type.


Administrator needs to restart the background process. There’re several ways to do this:

  • Wait for 24 hours, or
  • Change the “Max working threads” under the Settings tab and Save settings, or
  • Re-install ImunifyAV, or
  • Kill the process named “ra_executor.php”, it will be restarted in a couple of minutes.
    kill -9 `ps aux | grep 'ra_exec' | awk {'print$2'}`

All these actions will restart the background process of antivirus and reload the license.

This issue will be fixed in the upcoming release. We’re already working on it.