What if the Antivirus has not detected some malicious files?

We do our best to keep the Antivirus database frequently updated and complete in order to detect as much threats as possible. But still there might be a small chance that some of newly released malicous files are not yet in the database. Or there might be also another drawbacks:

  1. Check if you’re using the latest version of the ImunifyAV (check for the extension updates)
  2. Check if you’re using the latest version of the Antivirus database (check it in the “About” tab)
  3. Check current settings in the “Settings” tab. By default the Antivirus scans for critical extensions only (php, js, html, and some others). It provides a better performance while scanning everything besides the media files and documents. But the viruses may be located in those files either. So you may want to try the Antivirus in the “full scan” mode by switching the scanning option.
  4. If you try everything above but the Antivirus still does not see the infected file, please, send us the file. We will analyse it and add to the Antivirus database for the next update.

If you found a malicious file which has not been detected by antivirus, please send it to us via https://drop.revisium.com