1. I payed for the extension, but it is not yet Premium

If you purchased the license for Premium version and cannot activate the key, check this section.

2. I click the “Scan” button, but it doesn’t start scanning

When you click the “Scan” button it doesn’t start immediately, it queues the task to scan the website. You should see “Queued” status in the line. Once the server resources are available it starts scanning and displaying a progress.

3. The Antivirus doesn’t cleanup some of malicious files

Check the Malware Removal report to see the details. There might be the following reasons:

  • Malicious file is write-protected or folder of the file is write-protected so the antivirus cannot write or delete it. Check it with server administrator.
  • Malicious file was missed or not readable at the time of cleanup.
  • Malicious file is not in the cleanup database of the Antivirus. In this case you “Manual cleanup required” status next to the file. Please, send it to us and we will check and add it for automatic cleanup.

4. I scheduled the re-scanning for today but it does not start at specified time

Scheduled re-scanning of files starts at specified time only if it’s been more than 24 hours since last website scanning. So if you would not scan it manually it will be checked the day after.

5. When I click the “Scan All” button the websites start scanning in random order

Order of websites scanning depends on two things:

  • selected order in the table
  • order of domains registration

For your convenience we would recommend sorting the table by “State” column. Just click it to reorder.

6. When I click “Scan” or “Clean” it fails

Please, follow the steps to gather information for analysis and send it to us.