Quick Introduction for Users

In order to scan your websites for malware using the ImunifyAV all you need is to click the “ImunifyAV” icothe n under particular domain and then click the “Scan” button.

When you click the “Scan” button the Antivirus queues a scanning task and runs it when server resources are available (it may start immediately or with some delay). The resources are configured by server admin so there might be a queue for the scanning process. The queue lets all users checking their websites on demand without server overload. Thus if you see “Queued” in the status column – everything is OK, scanning will start as soon as the resources are available or another scanning is finished.

Upon completion check the status. If the report shows a green icon, congrats, it usually means your website is not compromised and clean.

If you’ve noticed some “red alerts” next to the domain most likely it means the particular website is compromised and infected. Click the “View Report” button and see the details.

If you see some “orange alerts” next to the domain and “Domain blacklisted” notice it means the domain is blacklisted in either search engines or antivirus services. Click the “View Report” button to see blacklist status details.

Watch the quick demo on how it works: