Quick Introduction for Server Admins

In order to scan your websites for malware using the Revisium Antivirus all you need is to install the extension from Plesk Marketplace, open the “Domains” tab and click the “Scan All”.

It will queue tasks to scan a complete list of websites for viruses, backdoors, web-shells, hacker’s scripts, phishing pages and other malware and run the process of websites scanning depending on specified number of concurrent scanning threads (1, 2 or 4) in the Settings tab. Also it will check each domain for blacklist status in search engines and antivirus services.

Another option is to click the “Scan” button next to the particular website to check the single website for malware and blacklist status.

In order to prevent server resources overload during scanning a set of websites the antivirus extension queues the scanning tasks and runs them with respect to the configured resources limitations (“Max working threads” in the Settings tab).

Take into consideration that default settings may not be optimal in terms of scanning speed so we would recommend to check the “Settings” tab before start and adjust the following parameters manually to set optimal values for better performance (or less server load).

Notice: the “max working threads” is limited by a half of CPU core number on server. So the 1 or 2 CPU cores gives one working thread as maximum.

When the scanning process is finished check infection statuses of your websites. If everything in the report is green, congrats! It usually means your websites are neither compromised nor infected and blacklisted.

If you’ve noticed some “red alerts” next to the domain most likely it means the particular website is compromised and infected. Click the “View Report” button and see the details.

If you see some “orange alerts” next to the domain and “Domain blacklisted” notice it means the domain is blacklisted in either search engines or antivirus services. Click the “View Report” button to see blacklist status details.

The detailed report shows you the list of detected malware and domain blacklist status.

Premium Version and Automatic Malware Cleanup

In the Premium version of the Antivirus you can clean the malware automatically using “Clean Malware” button.


Watch the quick demo on how it works and then try it on your own.