My websites are infected, what to do next?

First of all – keep calm and check the detailed report.

Click the “View Report” button next to the “red” mark and check the list of detected malware.

Depending on your expertise and experience in web development you may resolve it in different ways. Check the options below.

  • Option 1: In the Premium version of the ImunifyAV you can click the “Clean Malware” button and it will remove the malware automatically. The Antivirus will keep your website up and running after the malware cleanup. It keeps original files for configured period of time (7 days by default) in its backup folder so you can restore them via “Undo” button next to the website.
    The cleanup report looks like this:

    So try automatic one-button malware cleanup in the Premium version of the ImunifyAV.

  • Option 2: If you are experienced webmaster and using Free version of the Antivirus you can manually check the files one-by-one in the Plesk File Explorer or in your favourite FTP software to be sure that the listed files are not legitimate and contains the viruses. Just remove the malicious injections or entire file if it’s malicious.
    We recommend to create a backup of the entire website before any changes just to be sure that you could restore any changed file when needed.
  • Option 3: Another good option is to order the professional malware cleanup service to remove the viruses and protect your website from re-infection by security experts.
    We’ve been providing the professinal clean up service at Revisium for more than 7 years. See the following page for details.