How to speed up the Antivirus?

The Antivirus scanning performance mostly depends on server performance. But the default configuration of the Antivirus may not be optimal so we would recommend server admins to adust the default settings for better performance. Just open the “Settings” tab and check the current parameters.

  • “Quick Scan” mode – if checked, the antivirus scans critical files only (php,  js, html, htaccess, txt and some others). If you need to scan all files, uncheck the option.
  • Skip images and other media – if checked, it will skip jpg, png, gif, avi, mpg, mov, bmp, tiff, docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, and some others. if you need to scan all files, uncheck the option.
  • Optimize by speed – if checked, the antivirus will do intelligent scanning of cache folders of CMS to speed up overall process. Uncheck the option for careful scanning.
  • Max working threads – how many websites are to be scanned simultaneously.

Strong recommendation for server admins managing servers with 4 or more number of CPU cores or lots of websites installed to change the “Max working threads”.

As the opposite if you feel that the Antivirus consumes lots of server resources just decrease the parameters “Max working threads” and “Max allocated memory…”.