Does the Antivirus check web pages or database for malware?

Current version of the Antivirus check files in website folders but does not scan database or website pages so we’d also recommend checking websites using free online scanner – ReScan.Pro. It will detect security issues which the Revisium Antivirus cannot detect.

For Server Admins

If you suspect the fact of server compromise we recommend to do the following steps immediately:

  • change the root user credentials and disable SSH and FTP connection for other users before the comprehensive analysis of server security is done;
  • check the auth/security logs in the /var/logs for unauthorized connections;
  • scan the /tmp, /var/tmp and the folders staring from /home or /var/www for malware using free command-line malware scanner AI-BOLIT and check them for unusual files such as linux binaries and sources or per/php scripts outside the doc root folders;
  • check for the suspicious (usually, “long-term”) background processes in the “top” / “htop” / “ps auxww”;
  • check for the suspicious external connections in the “netstat”.

Or just order professional server security analysis and malware clean up service at Revisium.